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The “W Trosce o Życie” Foundation was established in 2009, but its history begins a few years earlier, with the establishment of the Non-public Health Care Facility Dar-Med Home Palliative Care by the current president of the Foundation, Jolanta Len.

The NZOZ signs its first contract to provide home hospice and long-term care services for adults in 2005. In 2006, it signs a contract with the National Health Service to provide home hospice and long-term care services for children.

It quickly became apparent that the NFH’s charges needed not only medical help, but also material and financial assistance and spiritual support.

The sick and suffering elderly and children, were often very neglected, they and their families lived in poverty. They also suffered from loneliness, social isolation. Hence was born the idea of organizing collections for them, Santa Claus, Children’s Day, while public awareness of the hospice idea at the time was none.

Therefore, before starting collections, organization of material and financial assistance for people in hospices, it was necessary to spread the hospice idea, to undertake educational activities drawing public attention to the sick and suffering.

These activities went beyond the activities of NZOZ Dar-Med. hence the creation of the “In Care of Life” Foundation in 2009.