We provide assistance to those in need

The idea of ​​altruism and social solidarity motivates us to act and support the elderly, lonely, and often defenseless individuals in life. In our FOUNDATION, we provide assistance every day.


We restore dignified life to impoverished seniors

We operate in areas that allow for a holistic approach to caring for the elderly, impoverished, disabled, and lonely individuals. We offer them psychological, physical, social, and material support. We are there where they need us the most.

About us

Over 15 years, we have helped 5300 individuals

We provide care for elderly individuals in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

We reach out to seniors who are not self-sufficient, requiring specialized care, in need of rehabilitation, a warm meal, medication, or basic hygiene supplies. We organize activities in daily stay facilities, engaging and activating elderly individuals.

Our projects

We have completed over 60 projects

For us, projects are a call to action, to engage in helping our fellow human beings. They are also a manifestation of empathy and a readiness to dedicate our time, energy, or resources to those who need our support.

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Our beneficiaries about the FOUNDATION

“… As long as we live among people, we will be what people think we are.”
– Milan Kundera

The foundation in numbers


We spend annually on the needs of elderly individuals

630 individuals

under our care every day

60% of inc

We allocate to food and medication for the FOUNDATION

250 ind.

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Do you want to help?

Become our volunteer

Help Seniors Enjoy Good Health

As a volunteer, you can ensure that seniors take their medications at the right times. You can take them for walks or ensure they get fresh air at home. You can do essential grocery shopping or deliver warm meals. All these small acts can be crucial for maintaining health and improving the quality of life for seniors. Interested in this kind of work? Write to us.

Introduce Seniors to the Modern World

The older generation, especially those who are lonely, are often digitally excluded. As a volunteer, you can educate seniors on how to use smartphones. This can enable them to contact family members who live far away, doctors, neighbors, or emergency services if needed. Additionally, knowledge about proper diet can improve their quality of life and health. If you have this knowledge, share it. For more tech-savvy seniors, you can introduce them to social media like Facebook, YouTube, or blogs. Short instructional videos, articles, and tips will surely catch their interest. Want to educate them?

Take a Senior Under Your Wing

Taking care of an elderly person means adapting to their needs, supporting them in various aspects of life, and ensuring their physical, emotional, and social well-being. Proper care provides them with a dignified and safe aging process, helps them maintain independence, and offers emotional support. It also allows them to use their potential and experience. With appropriate care, seniors can enjoy a fulfilling life in their later years. This kind of work can benefit both the senior and the volunteer, building strong social bonds and enhancing the sense of community. Want to take care of a senior?

Help Seniors Build Social Connections

As a volunteer, you can spend time talking, listening, and providing support to an elderly person. You can spend time together walking, reading books, watching movies, or having long conversations over coffee. Companionship and emotional support are just as important as physical health. For a lonely person, you can become like a second family or help them maintain connections with others: friends, neighbors, and other community members. Want to build relationships?

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