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Donation of 1.5% is a voluntary contribution of a portion of Your tax to a public benefit organization

Every taxpayer can help us by choosing the “W TROSCE O ŻYCIE” Foundation as the beneficiary of this donation.

Who Can Donate 1.5%?

How to donate 1.5% of Your tax to Our Foundation?

  • 01. Tax Declaration: Fill in the appropriate section in the annual tax return (PIT-28, PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-37, or PIT-38).
  • 02. Organization Name: In the tax return, provide the name of the organization and its National Court Register number.
  • 03. Transfer of 1.5%: The tax office will transfer 1.5% of your paid tax to our account within three months.

Note: The taxpayer cannot split this donation among multiple organizations.

What more can be done?


A private donor can also make a financial or in-kind donation. Donation amounts are deducted from the taxable base, but they cannot exceed 6% of the annual income of the individual filing the return (regulated by Article 26, Section 1, Point 9 of the Personal Income Tax Act of July 26, 1991).

Legal Entities

Businesses can also help achieve statutory goals. Legal entities can donate amounts that total up to 10% of their income. The rules for deduction are similar to those for donations made by individuals (regulated by Article 18, Section 1, Point 1 of the Corporate Income Tax Act).


The condition for applying the donation deduction is proper documentation: for monetary donations, the appropriate document is the payment proof (in the fiscal year) to the bank account, and in other cases, a document indicating the value of the donation and a statement from the recipient confirming its receipt.

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