Mission, vision and values

The Foundation’s mission is:

  1. to improve the quality of life of dependents and their families,
  2. to increase the awareness and knowledge of families and the local community about caring for dependents.

The vision of the Foundation is a responsible family and empathetic community that cares about dependents, their dignity, well-being and belonging to the community.

The Foundation’s values are:

  • responsibility (for the other person)
    Taking responsibility for the condition of the other person through a professionally and reliably trained team of employees and staff of the Foundation. Accepting the responsibility to take care of a person in need.
  • security (making it felt for those in need)
    Consistent and professional implementation of a specific scheme of action that improves the quality of life of the Foundation’s charges. Willingness to care, availability, ability to contact, offering advice. A sense of being taken care of. Confidence that help will come on time.
  • care
    These are activities aimed at improving the quality of life of those in need both physically and mentally. Caring for the welfare of the wards.
  • empathy
    Sensitivity and feeling for the role of the mentee, empathizing with and understanding their needs. It is also respect for those in need of support and a willingness to help completely selflessly.
  • solidarity
    Shared responsibility for providing assistance to dependents, people with disabilities and the sick towards their families and members of the Foundation team.
  • trust
    Belief in the integrity of intentions and actions, discretion through the quality of services provided to those in need. Conviction of the people under the Foundation’s proposed and undertaken activities.