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Many elderly people remain lonely, deprived of family, loved ones, or friends.

They feel unnecessary and often socially isolate themselves, losing the sense of life. Volunteers who care for the elderly can bring much joy to their lives, helping make everyday life more satisfying and friendly.

Volunteers from the "W TROSCE O ŻYCIE" Foundation engage in activities such as:

Providing Companionship and Conversation

Spending time talking and sharing moments is perhaps the most valuable gift volunteers bring to their wards. Elderly people, suffering from loneliness, can feel heard and valued.

Organizing Recreational Activities

Simple board games, card games, reading books, or pleasant walks with the ward help maintain an active lifestyle and stimulate the elderly person's mind.

Assisting with Daily Tasks

Helping with simple daily activities such as shopping, cooking, or cleaning can significantly ease the lives of elderly people, especially those with limited mobility.

Providing Technical Assistance

Offering help with electronic devices, computers, or phones can be very beneficial for the elderly, especially if they want to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Supporting Medical Care

Volunteers also assist in organizing doctor's appointments, arranging prescriptions, or accompanying them to medical visits. Some lonely wards have difficulty moving or communicating with medical staff.

Health Education

Volunteers share knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, regular physical activity, and taking medications. This useful information helps elderly people maintain good health and well-being.

Volunteers who engage in caring for the lonely and needy have the opportunity to positively impact others’ lives and make a significant difference in the community. Their involvement can bring many benefits both to the elderly and to the volunteers themselves, creating a social bond and providing a sense of fulfillment.

At the “W TROSCE O ŻYCIE” Foundation, we seek and train volunteers ready to spend time with seniors. Do you want to be one of them?

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