Grant a senior an hour of care

As we age, our risk of developing chronic diseases increases and we become more and more dependent. Not only do we not have the strength to take care of the garden or clean the house, but over time we don’t even have the strength to prepare meals or take care of our personal hygiene.

In Poland, nearly only 1% of the elderly receive social assistance care services. The remaining seniors in need of support have to arrange their own help. Unfortunately, most Polish seniors cannot afford commercial care services. They are left without support, which worsens their quality of life and deepens their sense of loneliness and lack of meaning in life.

To counteract this, the Foundation has built a team of sensitive and committed caregivers of the elderly who periodically visit the homes of seniors, who make sure they are well cared for, eat meals, have clean surroundings and clothes. During their stay at the seniors’ homes, they also provide them with conversation and contact with another person.

Help us provide seniors with regular support.