Give a day at a Day Care Center

The elderly mainly live alone, with no family or friends. Remaining confined within their „four walls,” they experience loneliness and isolation. Condemned to loneliness, they lose the meaning of life, and their illnesses worsen and they fall into depression.

To remedy this, the „In Care of Life” Foundation has launched two day care centers for the elderly – in Brzozow and Rakowa.

While staying at the day care centers, seniors can count on expert support from elderly caregivers, nurses, physiotherapists and a psychologist. They have interesting, developing activities with an occupational therapist. They participate in events organized on the occasion of holidays and days such as Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day. They eat warm meals adapted to their needs. The Foundation team provides them with assistance in difficult, random situations. Those with mobility difficulties are transported to the facilities. In the afternoon, they are taken back to their homes, giving them a sense of security and continuity in their lives.

Above all, seniors staying at our day care centers benefit from the opportunity to be with other people of similar age, with similar experiences, supporting each other and building new relationships.
We launched the day care centers in Brzozow and Rakowa mainly with a view to those most dependent seniors who are unable not only to do their own shopping, but also to prepare and eat a meal. They need the support of another person to move around and take care of personal hygiene. Staying in day care centers postpones the moment these people are placed in closed 24-hour facilities.

Help us provide seniors with a second home.